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Mr Amish Preserved Butter (Salted) - 16oz

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Mr Amish Preserved Butter (Salted) - 16oz
Mr Amish Preserved Butter (Salted) - 16oz

Mr. Amish


1 jar


If you love butter, and want to enjoy a supply of it long after your means of refrigeration gives out, Our Preserved Butter known as GHEE or CLARIFIED BUTTER is just what you are looking for. This rich tasting butter is great for cooking, baking, camping, cottage life, with no refrigeration required as it has a 5 year shelf life.You may start wanting to use it in every recipe from here on!

The purpose of clarifying butter is to raise its smoke point. The smoke point of regular butter is 350 degrees F. The smoke point of clarified butter is 450 degrees F, allowing you to use it - instead of canola oil, which has a smoke point of 400 to 450 degrees F - to get a good, flavorful sear.


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