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Steelhead Cedar Planks

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Steelhead Cedar Planks
Steelhead Cedar Planks

Steelhead Food Co.


1 pack


STEELHEAD BRANDED CEDAR PLANKS are great for grilling and a great way to add a little smoke to your BBQ'd salmon!

*4 Planks per package

The cedar plank infuses the salmon with a gentle smoky flavor, making the fish taste more rich and complex. It's fantastic! Cooking salmon filets on a cedar plank also means you don't need to stress over your fish falling through the grates!

Also? There is no need to flip the salmon while grilling. This technique cooks the fish gently and evenly in about 20 minutes. You can reuse the cedar planks after grilling, but they may have a slight flavor from the salmon.

Try pairing with our salmon, bass, bluefish, swordfish, or trout!

But planking is not reserved only for fish. You can also grill scallops, lobster, shrimp, beef, chicken, pork, vegetables, and even cheese on a plank!


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