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Sea Change Candied Wild Smoked Salmon - 70g

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Sea Change Candied Wild Smoked Salmon - 70g
Sea Change Candied Wild Smoked Salmon - 70g

Sea Change Seafoods


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Candied Wild Smoked Salmon is a local specialty from Canada's West Coast

Candied salmon, sometimes called Indian Candy is brined, sugared and heavily smoked, creating a very flavourful, slightly chewy treat. SeaChange Candied Pink Salmon is heat processed, so that it will keep without refrigeration, allowing you to share this delicious local delicacy with friends or colleagues around the world.

Simple Serving Suggestions

Top a bed of greens with candied salmon, broken into bite-sized pieces, or enjoy with fresh baguette and a glass of dry white wine.


Wild pink salmon, sugar, sea salt, soy sauce (filtered water, certified organic whole soy beans, certified organic wheat, sea salt, brewing starter – aspergillus sojae), spices, natural hardwood smoke.


British Columbia

Shelf Life

5 years


Refrigerate after opening

*Product of Canada


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