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Dennis' Horseradish ORIGINAL - 250mL

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Dennis' Horseradish ORIGINAL - 250mL
Dennis' Horseradish ORIGINAL - 250mL

Dennis' Horseradish


1 jar


Support local! Dennis Horseradish sauces are all locally made in Delhi, ON.

Dennis' Original Horseradish

Our Original Horseradish has been made from the same family recipe for over 60 years. We grind only the freshest root to ensure the strongest flavour. With a toothsome texture from real horseradish root, Dennis’ Original Horseradish is far superior to other brands that can be mushy, with little texture or feeling of freshness. 

Made in small batches in Norfolk County, Ontario, from horseradish grown nearby, this horseradish has a fresh flavour that shines through. The flavour is spicy—but not clear your sinuses out spicy—similar to a punchy wasabi. “Original” is perfect for those that love the flavour of horseradish, with only a bit of kick.

Available in ORIGINAL or EXTRA HOT.

Best Served With: freshly shucked oysters, seafood, grilled meats, burgers, deli sandwiches, roasts, vegetables with a great kick of heat plus a bit of texture, or add to salad dressings!


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